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DBT Skills Training Groups: Distress Tolerance

This practical one-day course can be taken independently or as part of the BPS Approved Certificate in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). Taught by highly qualified DBT practitioners, this course will give you the essential set of skills for running Distress Tolerance Skills Training Groups with your clients.

Approved by the British Psychological Society for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

SDS Live Webcast:
DBT Skills Training Groups: Distress Tolerance - Recording

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This one day training is both a stand-alone training module as well as one of the four skills training modules that form part of the BPS Approved Certificate in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.

This module covers the six areas of DBT Distress Tolerance Skills Training that typically runs over a six week period. The aim of these is to provide clients with a menu of skills that are learnt and practiced in order to handle short term emotional crises where arousal is extreme and overwhelming.

Techniques covered include:

  • STOP (Stop, Take a step back, Observe, Proceed mindfully)
  • TIPP (Temperature, Intense exercise, Paced breathing, Progressively relax muscles)
  • ACCEPTS (Activities, Contributions, Comparisons, Emotions, Pushing away, Thoughts, Sensations)
  • SELF SOOTHE (with five senses)
  • IMPROVE the moment (from Imagery through to Encouragement)
  • Pros and Cons (of acting on impulses)

BPS Approved Certificate in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy:

Module 1: Dialectical Behaviour Therapy: Two-Day Introductory Course

Module 2: DBT Skills Training Groups (STG):

Module 3: Assessed casebook assignment, consult group attendance, reports and test

Early Bird Price: £150 + VAT (£180) per delegate to include refreshments and course materials. This discount is available on bookings made more than 1 month prior the course date event.
Regular Price: £180 + VAT (£216).

Certificate of Completion:
You receive a Certificate of Attendance for 7 CPD training hours for individual 1 days course if you sign in on the day (attending in person) or have full attendance record (attending via webcast).

BPS Approved Certificate in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy requires attendance of all training modules, plus completion of the online module and a separate online test (80% pass). Online test should be completed no later than 6 months after the last module.

Course Leaders:

Marie Wassberg
Accredited CBT Therapist

Marie qualified as a CBT therapist at Goldsmiths University, London, 2003. She is registered with the HCPC and Accredited with BABCP in the UK. Marie has Diploma in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), gained in 2010, where she trained with Dr Elizabeth Malmquist and Dr Anita Linnér (Sweden), as well as with Professor Alan Fruzzetti and Professor Jill Rathus (USA). She is also trained in Trauma Focused-CBT, including Supervisor training; Prolonged Exposure; and DBT for Schools (STEPS-A). Marie has been part of developing many DBT-informed programmes in different settings, mainly for children, adolescents and families, but also for young adults (18-25), both in Sweden and in England. In 2018 Marie offered support and DBT-informed training to a group of mothers in Mexico in how to help their children manage their emotions in a healthier way.

Marie has been a guest lecturer at universities in Sweden, a facilitator at workshops at Conferences and training events throughout the UK (NOTA, BABCP and the Priory), in Sweden (Schools, Social Services and Care homes) and the USA (ATSA). She has also offered training and supervision to other professionals who work with children and adolescents in how to improve relationships and regulate emotions in a DBT-informed approach.

Marie is running her own practice where she is seeing 2-25 years old in individual sessions; running DBT-skills groups for 16-30 years old and DBT-informed training for parents/carers individually or in group; as well as offering supervision and training to professionals.

As a therapist, Marie has worked for many years with children and adolescents who have been sexually abused, suffered from complex trauma or experienced other kinds of trauma and/or who displayed harmful sexual behaviours. Over the last few years the client group increased to include: deliberate self-harm; suicidal thoughts; depression; and anxiety among other difficulties. Marie also has experience of working with children and adolescents presenting with challenging behaviours, autism spectrum disorder (especially high functioning), ADHD and other Neuro Developmental Disorders.

(The British Psychological Society)
10 MARCH 2020
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