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SDS Delegates Speak:

"I am thoroughly enjoying the Diploma course - and my knowledge of CBT has grown exponentially over the past year. I had taken a number of short courses in CBT before starting the Diploma, but with each module I complete my knowledge of CBT theory and practice grows deeper and my skillset expands. Paul is an excellent trainer, as are all the other tutors, and I can’t recommend this course highly enough."

Dan Roberts
Highgate, North London
Website: http://www.danroberts.com
Attended: Master Practitioner Diploma in CBT

"I attended your mindfulness training, and subsequently received an email from you with a mindfulness sketch. I am emailing today to feedback that I use the sketch regularly, as I engage in mindfulness use with my respiratory patients.
Yesterday I visited a dying patient, whom I started seeing a few weeks ago because of his anxiety symptoms (linked to breathlessness). Previously, we had together discussed anxiety and breathlessness, and the use of distraction as well as mindfulness in order to help manage his anxiety symptoms.
Yesterday, this gentleman showed me he had stuck that mindfulness sketch above his bed. It sits there and he takes inspiration from it when he starts feeling anxious and overwhelmed. He reported this being very effective in managing his thoughts, as they arise as a consequence of anxiety linked to acute breathlessness.
I thought I would share this story with you.
Thank you very much for your continued support with mindfulness therapy."

Nathalie Sergeant
Senior Occupational Therapist
Community Respiratory Service, West Bromwich
Attended: Teaching Clients to Use Mindfulness Skills

"I really wanted to leave some feedback for the CBT courses last week. I've done some other CBT days elsewhere and really thought that the SDS courses were the best I've attended. You've really demonstrated the complexities behind it and made what seemed like quite an "easy" or routine modality, seem really, really interesting and I'm quite excited to start using it.
Thank you! Hopefully see you soon on further training."

Runa Dawood
Counsellor & Psychotherapist
Website: www.againstthepain.com
Attended: CBT: Introductory Course (3 day course)

The course was a success and we were all very happy with it.

After the course was delivered, all my colleagues thanked me for inviting you. The materials of the course were very useful for the comprehension of the contents delivered during the course and for future reference. We all are now trying to apply some of the strategies you gave us in our practice.

Here are some examples of individual feedback after the course:
“A breath of inspiration, new strategies and new challenges!”
“Three days with interesting information and content to reflect and apply to our practice.”
“Keep calm and Practice CBT!”

Centro de Desenvolvimento Infantil
Diferenças, Lisbon
Attended: CBT In-House Training

"I really enjoyed doing the online mini study on Client Motivation and I have referred to the information on a regular basis. I have particularly found the use of scaling to increase client motivation (wherein the client rates their ability or confidence to handle the issue as opposed to the issue itself) particularly effective when working with anxiety related issues. The size of the study and the way it was staggered over several weeks meant it was both achievable and consolidating. Thank you again!"

Tracy Nolan
Feedback on: “How to Motivate Your Client When Change is Difficult” 15 Points Learning Programme. Free Download.

"Just wanted to say what a great time was had last week on the Introduction to CBT course. I got a lot out of the 3 days and was mentally exhausted Friday, luckily had a day off.
It was great to meet some new friends as well.
Thanks once again for such a great insight into a possible new career direction"

Claire Purnell
Student Experience Manager
Swindon College
Attended: CBT: Introductory Course (3 day course)

"I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot, The trainer was very engaging. The course is ideal for psychology graduates wanting more knowledge of applied clinical psychology. I recently had an interview & I think the fact that I've done this CBT course definitely helped because everyone else I met at the interview had way more clinical experience than me!"

Lisa J. Walker
Assistant Psychologist, Adult Learning Disabilities
Suffolk Mental Health NHS
Attended: CBT: Introductory Course (3 day course)

"There were many wonderful ideas at Brief Solution Focused Therapy course. My favourite one is asking clients to turn negative statements into positive ones, e.g. a client said that she doesn’t want to be afraid. When asked what she wants instead, she responded that she would like to have more courage in everyday life. That was for her a useful statement and she was going back to it during the following sessions. Instead of focusing on her fears and anxieties she concentrated on the courage."

Milka Witkowska
Ealing (London)
Attended: Brief Solution Focused Therapy
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