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Final Assignment for BPS Approved Certificate in Clinical Supervision

If you are reading this page, you have, most likely, completed your Supervision Qualifications up to Accreditation Level 3.


To qualify for Accreditation Level 4 you need to do two things:

  1. Submit a project of an acceptable standard (3,000 words)
  2. Submit a record of regular (no fewer than 4 times a year) supervision sessions “Supervision for Supervisors”.

About your written project

The purpose of the project is to illustrate that you can apply the academic knowledge gained from the course to practical clinical supervision situations.

The project should follow one of the formats below:

  • A small quantitative research project examining an aspect of the supervision process. Prior experience and knowledge of simple experimental design and statistical analysis is required. The clinical supervision field is largely “a green field” site with multiple unaddressed questions both regarding process and especially outcomes. The “write up” should BROADLY follow the format indicated in university guides to writing up psychology research projects.


  • A qualitative report comparing either the published research and/or content of the SDS Level 1 course to the delegate’s own experience as a supervisor.
    • Similarities and differences between research/academic content and supervisor experience should be highlighted and discussed.
    • External (e.g. organisational/professional body) and internal (e.g. emotional/ethical) constraints on supervisor behaviour should be illustrated along with how those constraints were managed.
    • Similarities and differences between supervisor and supervisee experience should be illustrated along with its implications for the supervision process
    • Learning points from the above should be indicated along with how this will influence the supervisor’s subsequent practice.

£90 + VAT (£108). This price covers one submission and one re-submission should your paper not pass the first time.

SDS Accreditation in Clinical Supervision:
SDS Accreditation in Clinical Supervision, Level 4 (Clinical Proficiency)

This level of accreditation gives you a Certificate of Completion with Clinical Proficiency, as well as access to the course materials and other resources. It also enables you to state in your CV that you have SDS Accreditation in Clinical Supervision Level 4 (Clinical Proficiency) with Assessed Academic and Clinical Competence and use the qualification, CSAccred.(CP) in your title.

Also at this level you can gain Access to SDS’ Network of Qualified Clinical Supervisors.

Your accreditation currently lasts for 3 years, and is renewable by undertaking the Level 3 refresher component which consists of: the online refresher (or a live course/webcast), the associated exam, and again submitting supervision records “Supervision for Supervisors”.

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