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SDS Online Courses make our training available to you without any distance restraints. You can do them at your leisure from the comfort of your own home or office.

Our online courses are closely based on our actual training days and consist of video clips, or occasionally audio, of the course presenter. You are taken through the course step by step, with presentation slides used in the live training plus additional video and reading materials.  You are able to undertake exercises to assist in your learning and finish with a final online test to reinforce your understanding of the course content.

You can take the final test as many times as necessary in order to obtain the pass mark, which is usually 80%. Once you have completed it, you can print out your personalised Certificate of Completion showing the relating number of CPD hours awarded.

Please note that all online courses are accessible for six months from the date of purchase. After six months the course will automatically expire and cannot  be extended.

Watch the video below for more information:

Please note that Online Courses are compatible with all modern browsers including Firefox, IE 9+, Chrome, Safari and Opera. They are also compatible with browsers of recent mobile devices (IOS and Android). Whenever system detects an older browser you will be prompted to update your browser and get the best possible experience.

“Brilliant training - really clear video clips alongside clear lecture notes. Because I could take time to read in-between sections and time alone to reflect on my learning I learnt more than I do when 'under pressure' in a classroom setting! Fortunately I have done quite a lot of training with you - as I really rate the quality of SDS materials and the training approach I probably knew more about this topic than I realised - but it was still incredibly worthwhile as a consolidation of my knowledge base, which is now better integrated within my general understanding of CBT. One more thing - I am usually incredibly and unhelpfully anxious around 'tests' - but in this case I almost enjoyed them as the questions helped me realise I had grasped sufficiently the basic concepts taught, and helped me understand these still further...perhaps my core beliefs about educational ability, alongside more familiar unhelpful negative automatic thoughts have also been helpfully challenged! Many thanks.”
M.S., Pscyhologist

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course and have found it very useful. Alongside doing the activities, I also kept a reflective 'diary' of how this professional development has impacted my professional practice. For example, I've realised how much Socratic Questioning is central to my style and practice, and the article supplied in the this course has helped me value this skill. As such I feel inspired to do your other course on this topic. Thank you and best wishes,”
H.T., Whitchurch

“This is the second online course I have completed and they are excellent. I find them extremely well structured, the readings are great and I don't feel at all as though I miss out on the classroom experience at all, if anything I really feel as though I get much more from them because with the problem solving programme I could repeat sections till I understood them. The tests were very helpful. I would definitely recommend them to colleagues. The cost and travel time is also dramatically reduced.”
H.C., Head of Wellbeing

“Really great being able to complete the module at my own pace when it suits me. It is more affordable as no travel costs, etc.”
G.S., Counsellor

“Very good training. Surprisingly thorough. I particularly valued having the readings to look at. The lecturer did a good job.”
J.L., Psychologist

Online Training: £140+VAT*.
* VAT is not charged for delegates whose address is outside the EU); for some courses further discounts and promotions might be available – check the appropriate course page before booking.
Regular Price for open course: £160+VAT.

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Linda McKenna,
Counsellor & Hypnotherapist
Attended online training on
Working with Health Anxieties

Anthony Burton
Attended online training on
Case Formulations

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