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Supervision for the Diploma in CBT

Clinical Supervision is an extremely important component of effective and sound therapy practice. Delegates familiar with supervision in other psychotherapeutic modalities will discover that there are some differences as well as overlaps with CBT supervision. To explore this topic in greater details we have designed a specific taught Diploma Module on CBT Supervision.


Within this Module students will learn how to apply supervision models to your own CBT practice and develop practical “supervisee skills” along with the confidence to use CBT supervision to its best effect.

Regarding actual supervision arrangements, there is no requirement for students to demonstrate their receipt of CBT supervision to be awarded the Master Practitioner Diploma in CBT. However, as indicated above, there is a strong recommendation to engage in such regular supervision and other third parties may have a requirement for you to be in receipt of such supervision.

Should you be unable to access your own CBT supervisor and wish for advice, SDS Seminars will attempt to put you in contact with recommended CBT Supervisors. All such supervisors are Accredited CBT Supervisors or Accredited CBT Therapists. Any supervision arrangements however are directly between the Supervisor and the Supervisee and SDS Seminars has no professional, managerial or financial involvement in such arrangements.

Typically, SDS supervisors will see students on a minimum of an hour a month, although more frequent supervision is recommended of between two hours a month and two hours a fortnight during training.

Supervision from Supervisors introduced by SDS Seminars may be available via face-to-face room meeting, however face-to-face Skype meetings are likely to be more typical. This may be either individually or in groups (according to availability). Telephone or email supervision is available in part, but it is strongly recommended that the primary model should be face-to-face (Skype or room based).

Please e-mail the office on info@sds-seminars.com with a brief one page copy of your CV, if you wish to get in touch with a supervisor.

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