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Paul Grantham, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Paul Grantham, Consultant Clinical PsychologistPaul Grantham is a clinical psychologist with vast clinical and training experience. With degrees from Oxford University and the University of Sussex, Paul trained as a Clinical Psychologist at Liverpool University. He has worked extensively within the NHS for many years as a clinical psychologist within a wide variety of services and headed one of the first UK research projects designed to help clients withdraw from benzodiapine addiction. He has subsequently worked in primary care, mental health, forensic, substance misuse and physical health as both a clinician and manager.

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He has trained staff in health care, social services, local government and education around the UK and abroad. Over 90,000 professionals have worked directly with him. Paul has also designed and facilitated clinical supervision systems across a number of UK services. He has a wide range of current interests including: client resistance, resource based therapies and personality disorders. He has also presented and written on a range of psychological issues - from psychological interventions post-stroke to the application of solution focused work with complex clients.

Paul is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, a Senior Associate of The Royal Society of Medicine and is an Accredited CBT Therapist. An extremely informed, clinically experienced and humorous speaker he is known for his emphasis on the practicalities rather than just the theory of client-based work. Paul is the Chair of the BABCP Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Special Interest Group.

Paul is the founder and Director of SDS Seminars Ltd and one of the most popular and inspirational tutors in the field of psychological skills training.

“Each of the SDS courses I have been on so far have been superb. I always enjoy Paul Grantham’s style of tutoring. I appreciate very much the amount of information given. Thank you.”
– C. G., Counsellor

“Paul is very informative, helpful & interesting tutor. Thoroughly enjoyed the training – look forward to next modules.”
– S.M., Psychotherapist (on MPDip in CBT)

Dr Fiona C. Kennedy, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr Fiona C. Kennedy, Consultant Clinical PsychologistFiona has a vast clinical experience in mental health (from anxiety through eating disorders and PTSD, to psychosis and personality disorders) and learning disability fields. Fiona’s main orientation for many years has been Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). She was a Board Member/Trustee for the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists (BABCP). She has extensive experience of teaching and presenting, giving regular input to doctoral training programmes and teaching other professionals.

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Amongst many other research projects she has studied dissociation after trauma that led to a new theoretical model and scale, as well as innovative new treatments. The creation of an effective treatment service for self-harming, suicidal, ‘revolving door’ inpatients was quoted as an example of national excellence by the governments’ National Audit Office in its House of Commons report ‘Safer Patient Services’ 2005. She has presented her research at many national and international conferences and received an award for clinical excellence from BUPA. With her deep knowledge of the subject and outstanding leadership qualities Dr Fiona Kennedy is a truly inspirational tutor.

From 2015 Dr Fiona Kennedy is a Fellow of BABCP.

“Superb – brilliant presentation, fascinating demonstrations, lots of practical stuff to use right away.”
– D.R., Therapist (on Mindfulness Course)

“Very good speaker and lots of interesting case studies. Looking forward to trying the techniques taught.”
– E.L. Brain Injury Care Manager/OT

“With an engaging and light touch training style, Dr Fiona Kennedy manages to convey a detailed explanation of this important therapeutic approach in just one day. Dr Kennedy clearly knows both her material and how to convey it. Great course, highly recommended.”
– Julie Sale, Director, Local Counselling Centre, Bedfordshire (on Dialectical Behaviour Therapy course)

Dr Joseph Oliver BA (Hons), PGDipClinPsyc, PhD

Julia Waller, Accredited CBT TherapistIn addition to being Director of Contextual Consulting, Joe is currently the Cognitive Behavioural Therapies Lead in the Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust in north London. Joseph graduated from Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand, receiving a BA (Hons) before going on to complete his postgraduate diploma in clinical psychology and PhD in 2003. His PhD research investigated the psychological processes of stress and wellbeing within the workplace.

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Alongside his clinical work, specialising in the area of psychosis, Joe carries out research at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, being involved in a number of trials investigating the use of ACT with people with psychosis and within the workplace. He has published numerous scientific articles and book chapters in the clinical application of ACT and is currently leading on an RCT comparing ACT and mindfulness-based stress reduction interventions for workplace wellbeing.

Joe is also current chair of the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) ACT Special Interest Group, which promotes and develops ACT within the UK, by offering professional development opportunities, grants and training workshops. In addition, he regularly provides ACT and contextual-cognitive behavioural therapy training, both nationally and internationally.

Joe is particularly interested in service user involvement as a method to both promote recovery and improve services. He chairs a group of service user consultants and psychologists that aims to promote and increase effective, recovery based service user involvement. Finally, Joe has an interest in disseminating ACT ideas and concepts to other professionals and to the general public. In addition to organising ACT events for the wider public, Joe has also been developing ACT-based animations as teaching tools for training and within therapy. He has produced a number of animations that illustrate key ACT metaphors and has developed a free YouTube channel to promote these. Joe is co-editor of the book, ‘Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness for Psychosis’ published by Wiley-Blackwell.

Chris Irons, Clinical Psychologist

Chris Irons, Clinical PsychologistChris Irons is a Clinical Psychologist working for the NHS in London, UK. He gained his Clinical Psychology doctorate at the University of Sheffield (UK). In his clinical work, he uses Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT; Gilbert & Irons, 2005) in working with people suffering form a variety of mental health problems, including depression, PTSD, OCD, social anxiety, bipolar affective disorder, eating disorders and schizophrenia. He also has an interest in working with relationship difficulties and with issues of shame and self-criticism.

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Alongside Professor Paul Gilbert and other colleagues, Chris has been interested in the theoretical and clinical developments and adaptations of CFT as a science based psychotherapeutic approach. Chris is a board member of the Compassionate Mind Foundation, a charitable organisation aiming to: “Promote wellbeing through the scientific understanding and application of compassion”. He is an accredited trainer and supervisor of Compassion Focused Therapy, and regularly presents to academic, professional and lay audiences on CFT and more broadly, the science of compassion. Chris gained his research Ph.D from the University of Derby (UK) under the supervision of Professor Paul Gilbert. His Ph.D explored the relationship between attachment and social rank mechanisms in anxiety and depression symptomology. Amongst other things, he is currently researching the role of compassion and rumination in depression; the role of compassion and shame in psychosis; and the role of compassion in relationship quality.

Dan Roberts, Cognitive and Advanced-Accredited Schema Therapist

Dan Roberts, Cognitive and Advanced-Accredited Schema TherapistDan Roberts, a Cognitive and Advanced-Accredited Schema Therapist with a private practice in East Finchley, North London. Before retraining as a therapist, Dan was a health journalist for over a decade, covering all aspects of physical and mental health. He wrote for most national newspapers, including the Independent, Guardian and Daily Telegraph. After that he trained as a counsellor, with a three-year counselling diploma at the Psychosynthesis Trust, followed by a one-year Foundation Certificate in Psychotherapy & Counselling at Regent's College.

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Later he specialised in CBT and Schema Therapy. He completed his schema therapy training with Schema Therapy Associates and achieving advanced certification with the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST). Dan also has a strong personal and professional interest in mindfulness meditation, especially mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). In addition to teaching Schema Therapy, Dan has taught the theory and practice of CBT, focusing mainly on depression and anxiety disorders, to counsellors and psychotherapists in a number of settings, as well as teaching mindfulness skills to help school children manage their stress. Dan is also the author of Bipolar Disorder: the Essential Guide, and is currently co-authoring a chapter for Creative Methods in Schema Therapy: Advances and Innovation in Clinical Practice.

Paul Grantham says:

“Over the years I’ve known Dan, two things in particular have struck me about him. Firstly, his sensitivity when talking about clients; and secondly his amazing ability to take complex ideas and simplify them without losing any of their nuance. I first met Dan as a student on SDS’ Master Practitioner Diploma course in CBT. Since then he’s trained and been Accredited as a practicing Schema Therapist. His insights into clients are unparalleled as is his ability to focus on key issues when complexity rages all around. He’d previously demonstrated this as an author of Bipolar Disorder - The Essential Guide; described as “the most accessible book in the field”. Maybe it is his background as a journalist that’s helped him in this. I am really proud that he’s become part of the SDS training team and is able to bring his expertise in Schema Therapy, along with his excellent communication skills, to SDS’ clients.”

Testimonials about Dan Roberts as a Schema Therapist:

“I’ve suffered from mild to quite severe anxiety on and off for over 20 years. Other forms of therapies have been helpful to a point. However, my deeply ingrained ways of thinking and reacting to certain situations meant that the same old distressing feelings, doubts and fears would always resurface. Over time, these started to have a negative effect on more and more aspects of my life.
Schema therapy has enabled me to understand how I came to be like this. It has helped me to let go of some of the now unnecessary coping mechanisms and thinking patterns I’d developed in my early life. It’s not a quick fix, but I feel that it’s getting to the core of my problems. I’ve seen a steady improvement in the quality of my day-to-day life. I no longer wake up wondering how I’m going to cope with the day ahead. The schema work I’ve been doing with Dan has shown me that I can live a life free of fear and anxiety.” — M, teacher

“With incredible insight, empathy, patience and humour, Dan has helped me challenge and change some really deep-rooted beliefs about myself. Schema therapy got to the emotional nub of my many, often overwhelming anxieties – and struck a chord with me that regular cognitive therapy hadn’t. The ideas behind it are logical and practical, but there’s also something a bit magical about its power to heal and make you a stronger, happier person. Dan is a brilliant therapist and I’d recommend him to anyone who’s struggling with stubborn negative thoughts.” — S, copywriter

Dr Nuno Ferreira, PhD, Lecturer in Clinical Psychology

Dr Nuno Ferreira, PhD, Lecturer in Clinical PsychologyNuno Ferreira is a Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh where he teaches and supervises research projects across several post-graduate programmes in Clinical Psychology. Gaining his qualification as a Clinical Psychologist in Portugal, Nuno has worked in several services in clinical capacities both in Portugal and in the UK. From 2007 onwards he became interested in the use and development of Third Wave Cognitive Behavioural approaches in clinical setting.

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His main research focus has been on the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for long-term or chronic health conditions, having completed a PhD researching the use of ACT for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Nuno has published a book and several research articles on ACT and is regular presenter at several international conferences in this subject area.

Nuno has been involved in the training Doctoral students in ACT at the University of Edinburgh since 2009. He has lead several skills-based workshops at international events, and also provides training in ACT for NHS Scotland services. He is also an Associate Professors teaching Third Wave CBT approaches at the an Associate Professorship with the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. 

Dr Tom Werner, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Tom Werner, Consultant PsychiatristTom is a Locum Consultant Psychiatrist at South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. He trained and worked at the Centre for Anxiety Disorder and Trauma, Maudsley Hospital and in the Cognitive Therapies Division of City & Hackney’s Psychotherapy Department. He has extensive experience of working with a range of different client groups including adult mental health, older people, substance misusers, children and families. He trained in CBT at Kings College, London, and is an Accredited CBT Therapist.

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He also has experience of working with a range of other modalities including (amongst others) Cognitive Analytic Therapy, Kleinian psychodynamic psychotherapy, NLP and systemic family therapy. He has a particular interest in trainee learning styles and has an excellent reputation as an informed and dynamic trainer.

Watch Dr Tom Werner in Channel 4 critically acclaimed documentary BEDLAM


Dr Julia Budnik, MD, PhD, Senior Training Consultant

Julia Budnik, Senior Training ConsultantJulia is a qualified medical doctor with extensive clinical, managerial and university teaching experience. She worked for a number of years overseas, in the NHS and privately. At present she trains within the NHS, Social Services & the Independent Sector. A qualified gastroenterologist, Julia has written extensively in the field. Her current interests lie in evidence based improvements to health and quality of life through psychological & behavioural change.

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She has particular experience and knowledge of the issues around eating and weight problems. As a presenter Julia is particularly praised for her ability to make the most complex topics accessible, interesting, practical and lively.

Julia is a co-founder of SDS Media LLP and is particularly interested in producing teaching materials in non-traditional formats — DVD, CD, online training. To date she is the producer of over a dozen training DVDs, which have received enthusiastic journal reviews.

Glen Macklin, Accredited CBT Therapist

Glen Macklin, Accredited CBT TherapistGlen Macklin is an Honorary Lecturer at Birmingham University, an Accredited CBT therapist and a Consultant to Birmingham Youth Offending Services. His active and extensive involvement with IAPT supervision across the UK gives him a unique insight into the practicalities of applying CBT within managed services.With over thirteen years in a forensic settings looking after and treating adolescent offenders, he also has extensive practical experience of working with challenging young people and the application of CBT to this client group.

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His combined knowledge of evidence based practice, extensive experience and superb training skills make him an excellent and stimulating tutor to work with. Intrview with Glen Macklin.

“Kept me engaged throughout. Usually find lectures and courses very boring, but this one was brilliant. Very informative with practical tips.”
– Anon, BESD Project Supervisor

Julia Waller, Accredited CBT Therapist

Julia Waller, Accredited CBT TherapistAs a recent Programme Director of the CBT High Intensity course at Christ Church University, Julia has unparalleled knowledge and experience of CBT training, supervision and practice across a wide range of mental health conditions. Her current research interests focus on emotional well-being in the workplace and factors influencing return and retention at work along with the issue of workplace bullying.

Julia is an Accredited CBT Therapist.

Dr Windy Dryden, Professor of Psychotherapeutic Studies

Dr Windy Dryden, Professor of Psychotherapeutic StudiesWindy Dryden, Emeritus Professor of Psychotherapeutic Studies at Goldsmiths College, University of London was one of the first people in the UK to be trained in CBT, and was the first Professor of Counselling in the UK. The author or editor of 200 books and over 700 scholarly articles on CBT and Counselling – from “The Handbook of Brief Cognitive Behaviour Therapy” through to “Ten Steps To Positive Living”. He offers a uniquely informed perspective on CBT and psychotherapy as its practiced today and where it is heading in the future.

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J.L., Clinical Psychologist

J.C., Manchester

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S.C., Drugs Worker, Manchester

C.F. , Counsellor, Glasgow

M.M., Youth Officer, Belfast

C.S., Deputy Service Manager

M.A., Dietician, London

S.L., MBACP Accred, Dip Sup, UKRCP
Humanistic Counsellor & Clinical Supervisor

S.B., Psychologist

A.P., OH Nurse, London

S.Y., Mental Health Worker, London

M.M., Youth Work Officer, Belfast

P.G., Counsellor Belfast

M.G., Addiction Nurse

T.M., Drug Worker, London

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